+ Joint Chiefs of Staff + armored 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood built by ROUSH RVPS +

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Armored 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood built for the Joint Chiefs of Staff by Roush Vehicle Protection Systems

This 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood was built for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) by Roush Vehicle Protection Systems (RVPS) in Troy, Michigan. Yes, this is the same Roush that makes performance parts, etc. It is the first fully armored vehicle ever produced by Roush, and may be the only Cadillac since most of the vehicles produced for the State Department were suburbans. Most, if not all, of the armored vehicles used by JCS and the State Department were destroyed upon completion of service and having one survive is very rare. As to be expected this is not an ordinary Cadillac, and given the requirements for safety that transporting JCS Staff and employees entails, the level of protection this Cadillac affords is formidable. 

Mileage: 048,170
Engine: 5.7 liter LT1 350 cubic inch V8 (MFI HO)
Transmission: M30 – 4L60E
Rear End: GW9 – 2.93 Ratio
Built on Export D Platform
VIN: 1G6DW52PXSR704022

Roush Vehicle Protection Systems information
Build Number: 1388595001.
Production date 4/95. 
Curb Weight: 6868lbs. 

**I took extensive pictures of the armored Cadillac and have a picture pack available. Just send me  your email address and I will forward it.**

There is extensive and thick bomb plating all over the vehicle, including all doors, roof, undercarriage, trunk, etc. In addition, I have been in touch with two people who remember and had direct knowledge of the Cadillac and were involved in the building of this car and other armored vehicles for the State Department and military. From what they told me the government still has the majority of the specifications and build specs classified. The curb weight of a standard 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood with 5.7 liter engine is 4451lbs and after the armoring process this Cadillac weighs 6868lbs.    
The standard (export) D platform this Cadillac was built on features a 5.7 liter LT1 V8 engine with dual exhaust and no catalytic converter. According to Cadillac and the Service Parts Identification plate, the Transmission is an 4L60E (M30 option)  and the Rear End is 2.93 Ratio (GW9 option). This Cadillac has the Heavy Duty brake option (J55) as well as Engine oil cooler (KC4) and Transmission oil cooler (KD1) options. The Bilstein shocks were upgrades, as were the springs (I believe they are Eibach springs). The Firestone Transforce HT tires (LT235/75R15) are about a year old and over-sized to handle the additional weight of the armor. The Cadillac (to handle the additional weight) has the Coachbuilder Equipment (V44) option.

I have a complete breakdown of the Service Parts Identification plate that is stamped on to this car that describes what the Cadillac was equipped with prior to the armoring process. 

All 4 doors have thick bulletproof glass (at least 1.5″ thick) as well as armor plating, making each door very heavy (200lbs +). The door hinges are enormous and even after 20 years close each one of the doors tightly and evenly (no sagging or wear). The window motor still works and the driver’s window does roll down partially. The rear window also has thick bulletproof glass. The front windshield has had the bulletproof glass removed and has a plexiglass buffer still in place between the windshield and where the bulletproof glass used to be. This appears to be the only major part of the car that was altered after being taken out of service. The roof and all of the pillars also contain thick armor plating and are over-sized with additional layered protection along the door jams and pillars. According to a person familiar with the manufacturing of this Cadillac, due to the armoring process there were some head room issues encountered and the floor had to be removed from the chassis, armored with bomb plating, and welded back on to the chassis. All of the undercarriage components such as transmission, rear end, etc were removed to allow for armoring and installed back on. I have extensive undercarriage pictures that show the bomb plating underneath. The tail pipes have thick steel mesh welded on the tips to prevent any bombs or objects being put into the tail pipes. Thick armor plating covers the underside of the fuel tank as well.  The front and rear bumpers were reinforced with thick steel plating to allow for ramming of vehicles or objects with thick steel supports that attach to the frame of the Cadillac. 

The interior is in exceptional shape for the year and I can say with certainty that it is in excellent condition. No rips or tears or wear spots. The power seats and luxury adjustments ALL work. To the left of the steering wheel there are three additional gauges for temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage. The radio and air conditioning controls all function properly and as expected. Below the radio and AC controls there are a number of toggle switches with labels that read: cooling fans, fresh air lockout, strobe lights (blue and red in the front headlights), secondary battery, and volume. The left front pillar has a microphone attached and below the toggle switches there are remnants of radio communication equipment that were taken out. The rear deck has a reading light as well as remnants of emergency lights that were used. Phones for the front and rear were installed at some point and have since been removed. There is phone wiring still present underneath the rear seat. Other than that the interior amenities are normal. The auxiliary battery is located on the left side of the trunk and has a metal housing which secures to the floor. The trunk contains a myriad of wires underneath the carpeting on the floor that were used for front and rear phones and a computer of some sort. It contains a full size spare, jack and tool kit, as well as the metal flag holders that secure on the front of the vehicle. The rear leather seats have the Joint Chiefs of Staff logo embroidered prominently at the top. 

Please note that this Cadillac is not a slouch. It runs and drives very well and as expected for a low mileage car and despite the additional weight of the armor the 5.7 liter LT1 engine moves this beast with ease. I did not feel any pressure when merging with traffic and the Cadillac drove downright normal for being such a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The upgraded suspension still feels relatively tight and there is minimal body roll. Shifting is smooth as expected with Cadillac and the air conditioning works perfectly. Given the extra protection and insulation the bulletproof glass and bomb plating provide the air conditioning really comes in handy and makes an enormous difference! 

The recent  history of this Cadillac shows it was registered to the City of Daytona Beach (issued 10.25.2007) and the odometer showed 47,598 miles on 8.24.2007. It was not driven much in the 8 years it was with the City of Daytona Beach. The title notes the net weight as 6980lbs. I purchased this vehicle on 4.11.15 with 48,131 miles. 

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